Who is elligable?

Speedflying is one of the most amazing ways to experience unique places and mountains in a way others cannot

but it's important to prioritize safety over progression always. A couple things we must do first before launching ourselves off the ground

  1. Learn to paraglide , obtain a P2 rating and a general understanding of canopy control , micro and macro weather and how it effects us in the flying environment

  2. Option 2- Have a minimum of 200 Skydives and a open mind to the major differences of how these wings react to weighshift vs toggle inputs

  3. Exeptions : There will always be the rare exeptional person who can pick this up with slightly less experience BUT no matter what your experience level is or how talented you might be the main thing to understand is DECISION MAKING and practicing good judgement , having a solid backround and training will help exponentially in your continued success as a hike and fly adventure person.