Salt lake city sits at an elevation of 4,226' MSL It's a high desert environment with the Oquirrh mountains to the West and the Wasatch mountains lining the East we are in a valley. This valley is set up with a big advantage for paragliders and we enjoy some of the best flying in the continuous united states. Both for XC and Speedflying/riding

We primarily Focus all our attention on the Wasatch. These mountains have a huge vertical elevation gain 5k' vert + coming directly up from the valley floor , Some sections reaching just below the 12k' vert marks. It's our own version of the Alps!

We get a variety of weather patterns and systems that we are constanly checking before we contstruct a plan on what we will be flying the next day.

P2/ Speedflying students will learn a comprehensive overview of weather theory.

Listed below are a few links to get you started on forecasting this area